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Western Riding Lessons

Taking Western Riding Lessons is a fun way to learn how to ride!  We use many games and patterns, each designed to improve coordination and target different aspects of riding. These classes will be based on the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) program.  We have found that the CHA program better suits our international riders as it is recognized world-wide. Students will come away with a Midnight's Trail certificate for the Level they have completed. If you are not sure if this program is right for you, come try it out with no commitment.  We know you will love the program and how it moves you through the steps of horsemanship in an organized, well thought out manner. Don't want to go through the Levels?  We still offer basic lessons, you will receive no certificate at the end, however, because lesson plans follow the CHA program, you will be more than welcome to challenge your levels if you decide you would like certification later on.  For children under the age of 4, please check out our Pony Rides!

Lesson registration is open for Spring 2022! We are offering Monthly sets of lessons, click on the registration form to check out days and times.

Juniors P'tit Trotters program: This level is open to ages 4-7, who have never ridden.  We will be teaching them balance, control, and of course, how much fun you can have with a horse.

Level 1A&B: This level is open to ages 8+, no experience is needed for this Level.  In these lessons, we do practical as well as theory.  They'll learn control at a walk, jog, and trot, horsemanship, safety, parts of the horse and saddle, trail ride safety, and of course, fun on horseback.  They do have study sheets and there is a written and riding test at the end to pass this level and move on to the next. Level 1A will cover the first half of this course, Level 1B will cover the second half.

Level 2A&B: Requirement - CHA Level 1 or equivalent.  At this level we continue to fine-tune the trot and work up to a lope, adding in patterns and obstacles.  We also delve deeper into the parts of the horse, breeds, colours, horsemanship terms, markings, horse care, and handling.  We also go more into trail safety and more fun on horseback.  We again send home study/worksheets and there is a test at the end to pass to move to the next level.

Level 3A&B: Requirement CHA Level 2 or equivalent. In Level 3 we continue fine-tuning the lope, leg and rein aids, leads, bareback, horse behavior, Horse care, care of equipment, and a tonne more fun!

We do offer limited Private and Semi-Private Lessons from Monday to Friday.  Occasionally we do open up additional group lessons during the week if you have your own group of 3 or more riders.

Pony Rides

$17 /30 minutes

Have your little one lead around on a horse or pony around the arena, obstacle course or out into the field!

Junior Lessons P'tit Trotter Program

$152 Group Price

Set of 4 lessons focusing on the basic riding skills and horse knowledge.

Riding Lessons.jpg
Western Riding Lessons

$140 Group Price

Set of 4 lessons Working on building skills through Levels 1through 4.

Note:  All Students under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet.  If you do not have one, we have them available to rent for $5 per lesson, or $20 per session.  This helps cover maintenance, regular cleaning and replacement.  We do encourage students to eventually have their own personal helmet.  All Prices include GST.

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