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Come See What the Prairie Has to Offer!

Please note: All prices are per person.


Come check out our Memberships and see what they can do for you!

Pony Rides

Have Little one or someone that's nervous? Come try a Pony Ride!

Heart N Hooves Equine Assisted Learning

Whether you want to come for personal development, a group session, or team-building with your business, EAL is for everyone!


We don't sell often, but if we do, we'll post it here! Horses, Tack, Western Crafts etc.

Trail Rides

Come enjoy a leisurely ride across the prairie, or enjoy a thrill going down the coulees!

Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your birthday with us! Enjoy a fun ride, and more!

Equine First Aid

Do you what to do if your horse isn't feeling well or injured? Do you know when your vet needs to see a vet? Do you know what information your vet needs? Do you want to learn some First Aid to save yourself some vet bills?

Western Riding Lessons

Western Riding Lessons following the CHA program.

Summer Horse Camps

Have a blast at our Summer Camps! Come learn horsemanship, comradery, horse care, a fun craft, and group project!


We love putting on events, Triple Threat Events, Cowboy Challenges, Fun Days!

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