2008 Bay Gelding




Romeo trailers great, good for the farrier, high-lines, hobbles, no issues with water. Has been in the river (good swimmer), sloughs, spray him down with the hose or fly spray.  Has a nice smooth trot and lope. He's not the fastest horse around but has some great power. We've run him through our cowboy challenges. Was starting to work him on flags as one of our barn girls was contemplating using him to try out for Rodeo Queen. He has been used on cattle though he's not great at it yet, he's only worked cattle a few times. He will be sold for an experienced rider only as he can be spooky with a new rider. His spookiness has only been on the flat prairie; when we take him in the coulees, he's in heaven and does amazing.

We are firm on our price, he is a beautiful solid gelding who we will continue to use till we find him the right home. We are selling him because covid has been hard on our business and we're needing to slim down and he's not as good for the kids which are our main clientelle.

Romeo stood as a stud for us for a few years and gave us 4 beautiful colts but we had 3 Stallions and made the choice to cut him and have not regretted it as he's been a great gelding.  We gelded him at 6years of age. 


Some pics of Romeo over the years. If you click on the pictures, most have info about it.

One of our Leasers did a photoshoot with Romeo before she headed back to England and got some incredible shots. She's been kind enough to let us share them!

Had fun down in the coulees making a TikTok Video for our ladies:)