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Come enjoy an MT Membership, and discover your home away from home! Enjoy coutless hours hanging out with the horses, cats, and dogs. Your membership hours count towards actually riding time, you're more than welcome to hang around and just enjoy the peace and quiet, take horses for walks, or just enjoy cuddles from all the furries around! Memberships include Immediate family that lives with you. You can share the hours together, or take them all for yourself.


With our memberships, you're not locked into one horse.  Try each of them and see which is your favourite, each horse has their own personality and it's amazing to get to know each of them! We have different levels of horses. Some are perfect if you haven't ridden for a while, are a beginner or just want to go for a quiet walk, others have a little more pep for when you're ready for it!

We offer drop-in lessons for members for $20/lesson (savings of over 35%),

or private lessons @ $30/lesson (savings of over 45%).

Enjoy our ever-growing obstacle course! Learn fun groundwork and ways to just play and have fun with the horses. Come out on coulee rides and cattle drives depending on the season!

Memberships include the tack. The fee goes towards the care of the horse, farrier, vet, chiro, feed etc.

We don't close in the winter! Dress warm and enjoy the beauty of riding in a winter wonderland!

We have a whatsapp group for all our Members, so you can connect with others to ride!

We throw fun competitions and challenges, we enjoy getting together for potlucks and game/movie nights (when covid allows)

Choose a longer membership and receive a discount on the price!


Platinum Membership

50 Hours of riding /month



Bronze Membership

10 Hours of riding /month



Gold Membership

35 Hours of riding /month



Green Membership

Non-Riding, just enjoy a home away from home. This helps support our senior retired horses!



Silver Membership

20 Hours of riding /month


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