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About Us

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At Midnight's Trail we believe in sharing our love of horses and the beautiful Alberta Prairie.  We want people to experience the love, joy, peace, unity and fun that these majestic creatures can bring to you and your family.  Riding is more than sitting on the back of a horse, it is working as a team, not only with your horse but with fellow riders as well, whether it be your children, grandchildren, the love of your life, a dear friend or a new friend. The bond horses bring will last a lifetime!

Midnight's Trail officially opened in April of 2002, although I was teaching friends & relatives prior to that.  The joy of seeing the transition in people as they come to the ranch, stressed from their jobs and then the peaceful, relaxed look on their faces when they come back from their ride, there's no better kind of job satisfaction!

We are a small family-based business with big dreams!  My husband, my four beautiful girls, and two sons. We have  2 large outdoor arenas,  a large obstacle course, 60' round pen, 11 lesson horses, and 22 sections of land to ride out on - including 3.5 miles along the South Saskatchewan River, surrounded by beautiful coulees!  We have an amazing variety of wildlife: whitetail and mule deer, antelope, coyotes, an occasional cougar, moose or elk, and over 200 varieties of birds - including swans, hawks, bald and golden eagles, and geese and ducks of many kinds.  Come See What the Prairie has to Offer!

We are based at Konosky Ranching Ltd., my family's ranch, which was started by my Great Grandfather (Kosmer Konosky) in 1911, continued by my Grandfather (Pete Konosky) and now my Dad, Peter Konosky. At Konosky Ranching Ltd., we raise fantastic Alberta Beef, the good old prairie way, and trust me, it's good!

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