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Come See What the Prairie has to Offer!

Welcome to Midnight's Trail, located in beautiful Southeastern Alberta! 

Come enjoy a relaxing Trail Ride through our beautiful rolling hills, or through the coulees and along the South Saskatchewan River, even enjoy a nice meal overlooking the river!

Never ridden before or would like to brush up on your skills?  Come join us for Western Riding Lesson, ages 6 to young of heart!

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We are excited to offer a new Horse Adventure Challenge! Come for an afternoon of orientation, challenges, puzzles, horseback riding and just a tonne of fun! Finish off the adventure with a delicious meal! Check out the Summer Camps and Activity Page!

Riding Lessons are back up and running for Spring 2023.  We are running a slightly different format, so check out our Western Riding Lesson page for details!


Triple Threat Event booked for May 19th and June 10th, 2023! We sure do love these events and Paintergirl had 2 artworks I just couldn't choose between!

Come check out our new Membership packages and what they contain! Come enjoy coming out, riding with other like-minded people or just enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the countryside!


We have sure loved getting to know our wonderful members and are having a blast with them! Check out our options and try it out for a month and see how much fun you can have! 

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MT Memberships
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Trail Rides
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